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We often push our bodies to the limit. Whether it's working long hours, a really tough workout, or lack of sleep, we can overexert ourselves. Generally we adapt, but sometimes our bodies are unable to recover, resulting in injury. When we injure our muscles, ligaments, tendons, or nerves, scar tissue forms as part of the healing process. This scarring can prevent normal function of the affected tissue or joint, cause chronic pain, or restrict function.

At Therapeutic Effects, our goal is to get you back to your active way of life while helping to decrease pain, reduce stress, improve your range of motion, and enhance your overall well-being. We are a fully licensed massage therapy business serving all areas of Connecticut including, but not limited to, the Greater Hartford area, Central Connecticut, Waterbury region, and Greater New Haven. We are also located in Pennsylvania, serving Bucks County, Lehigh, North Hampton, and Montgomery counties. We are a provider of Active Release Techniques® (ART), a hands-on, non-invasive treatment for soft tissue injuries. We also provide bio-mechanics assessments, pregnancy massage, kinesio taping, and customized corrective exercises.
Active  Release
Technique® (ART)

ART® is a non-invasive treatment for soft tissue injuries that consists of precise movements and manual pressure. Through ART®, we can pinpoint the injury and focus the rehabilitation accordingly. Many of the injuries treated with Active Release Technique® are from repetitive stress to an area, overuse or over-training, sprains or muscle pulls, nerve entrapment, or joint dysfunction. The use of this technique breaks up scar tissue and fascia that forms, allowing the muscle to slide back and forth and increase range of motion.
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